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HSI_1003 Effective Closing Skills

You can have great Qualifying or presenting skills in place, but without strong Closing skills you still may not win the sale. This course is made up of 3 separate lessons and covers all the skills of closing the sale.

HSI_1005 Effective Reservations Skills to Help Close the Sale

With today’s competitive environment most sales people are competing with other hotels to win the sale. Having the ability to successfully overcome objections is essential in order to avoid losing business to aggressive competitors. 

HSI_1002 Effective Presentation Skills

In order to convince a customer to buy they need to be sold on your hotel and why they should choose your property instead of a competing facility. This course is covers all the skills of presenting the hotel to a prospective customer in 3 lessons.

HSI_1012 Using LinkedIn as a Sales Resource

​This course is designed to educate your team on how to set up and use LinkedIn in an effective manner to get results.This resource can be a valuable tool to a sales person when they are properly prepared with a good foundation for social media networking.

HSI_1015 Time Management Skills - Strategies for Success

A sales person can have fantastic selling skills. However, these skills will not produce results if the sales person is not well prepared and has strong time management skills in place to enable them to use their selling skills. 

HSI_1000 Preparing for the Call and the Greeting 101 Skills

The foundation of a successful sales call or in handling an incoming inquiry in a highly effective manner is to have a good foundation in place. This course covers the skills needed to be prepared for the sales interaction with the customer. 

HSI_1001 Effective Qualifying Skills

The second step of the sales process is the Qualification and having great qualifying skills is critical for a sales person to be able to present and sell to the customer’s needs. This course is made up of 3 separate lessons. 

HSI_1008 Selling to the Jewish Market

For hotels who wish to build business from the Jewish Market, this is a perfect course for you.This course consists of 3 lessons and in it you will learn about customs and traditions for the market and different vocabulary needed during the sales process.

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HSI_1010 Selling Against the Competition to Win the Sale

It is vital that a salesperson have a good strategy in place in selling against the competition. This will ensure that the business is booked at your hotel and not lost to a competitor. 


HSI_1004 Overcoming Objections to Win the Sale

The reservations and front desk team can play a major roles in booking business for the hotel. Handling incoming inquiries in a highly effective manner can make the difference between winning and losing the sale. 

HSI_1016 Relationship Selling

Relationship selling is an integral part to having a successful sales process. To create a level of trust you need to build a solid relationship with potential customers before you ever try to close a deal. 

HSI_1011 Prospecting: Digging for Gold

It is important for hotels to have the ability to replace one time and lost pieces of business. This is done via prospecting and direct sales. Therefore, it is essential for sales people to have great prospecting skills. 

HSI_1007 Selling to the Eastern Wedding Market

Eastern Weddings, also referred to as Indian Weddings, is a growing market segment that can provide significant revenue for a hotel.

Many hotels would like to gain more of this business.This course will assist you in selling to this very lucrative market.